Welcome to Anjela Wong and Associates

At Anjela Wong and Associates, we are passionate about creating places that support both people and businesses. Consulting widely on commercial and residential projects, we can support your home, small business or corporation. 

We use Classical Feng Shui methods, including Landform assessment, Eight Mansions, Flying Stars, Water Formulae and other important Feng Shui principles. 

We also assess your destiny, which has a huge influence on your life and business. We use Four Pillars of Destiny to access this information, which is pieced together with the Feng Shui to give a richer picture. 

We are proud of our professionalism, high standards and integrity, and look forward to being of service to you. 

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, we travel widely according to your needs. 

Corporate services

Anjela Wong and Associates specialises in Feng Shui for large commercial projects. We have consulted extensively to multinational corporations in many industries, including banking and finance, residential and commercial property development, hospitality (hotels, bars, restaurants) and world-class gaming and entertainment complexes. 

As Anjela is Chinese, we can also offer Chinese cultural sensitivities assessments for a project. 


Residential and Small Business services

Whether you are building, renovating or want to improve your existing place, we can help you to create a comfortable, supportive environment without making it look like a Chinese restaurant. 

If you are selling or looking to move, we can help boost your chances of selling and help you find a new place that is good for you, your family or your business. 

Not sure whether to stay, move, renovate, expand or sell? A consultation can help you with your decisions.