Master Anjela Wong

Anjela has a background in Western science and business. After completing a Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology & Biochemistry) and a Graduate Diploma in Business Management, she enjoyed a high profile career in the Pharmaceutical industry.  

After many successful years working in global corporations, Anjela’s focus changed. While she believes that there is a place for Western medicine, Anjela’s interests turned to Eastern medicine, in particular Feng Shui. Being of Chinese descent and having a family who used Feng Shui principals in daily life, Anjela grew up with Feng Shui as a normal part of life. Returning to her roots was natural. 

Anjela is an Accredited Feng Shui Master of the International Feng Shui Association. She has had the honour of studying with world renowned masters, including Grand Master Stephen Skinner (Singapore), Grand Master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong), Master Mas (Thailand), Master Joseph Yu’s Feng Shui Research Centre (Canada), Joey Yap’s Mastery Academy (Malaysia), Master Jerry King (Canada) and Dr Jin Pey (Dubai). She has also completed studies with the two leading schools in Australia:  The Australian Academy of Feng Shui and the Australian College of Environmental Studies. 

In addition to Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, Anjela has completed qualifications in Space Clearing, Geomancy, and numerous energy works, allowing her to appreciate on many different levels the forces at play in our environment and within us. 

Anjela is proud to be a founding member of the two associations in Australia for Classical Feng Shui practitioners: the Association of Feng Shui Consultants (AFSC) and the International Feng Shui Association – Australian Chapter (IFSA-AU). She is currently a Professional Member of AFSC and a Corporate Member of IFSA-AU.

With wide consulting experience and continuing studies with both local and international masters, Anjela has set high standards of practice in her business.