Destiny: are our lives pre-determined or do we have the freedom to create our own paths? In Chinese philosophy, the answer is both. There are three main sources of luck in our lives: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Human Luck

Heaven Luck

Heaven Luck is the ‘luck’ that you are born with. It influences your personality and the sort of experiences you might have in this life. It is largely fixed at birth, which is why it is sometimes referred to as ‘destiny’. 

The biggest influence it has on our lives is timing. We all have ups and downs in life. EVERYONE will have positive energy cycles and challenging ones.  Your Heaven Luck determines when the good and the challenging cycles are for you. 

Knowing the timing of your cycles means that you can know what to do, when to do it and how much risk to take. This information can be accessed using tools such as Four Pillars of Destiny, a method of Chinese Astrology.

Earth Luck

Earth Luck comes from your environment at home and at work. Every place has many different energies at play, including energies from the earth, buildings and occupants. Tools used to address these energies include: 

  • Geomancy - addresses energies from the earth and its atmosphere
  • Feng Shui - addresses energies from landforms, buildings and objects
  • Space Clearing - addresses stagnant energies left by people 

These energies can influence how we feel, our relationships, health and prosperity. Once a site is balanced with Geomancy, and stagnant energies are cleared with Space Clearing, then Feng Shui can be used to tap into the positive energies at a site to create a place that supports us.

Human Luck

Human Luck is the luck that is determined by our own actions, that is, our free will. Human Luck can be increased by such things as helping others, personal development and having a positive attitude. 

Human Luck is one of the most important lucks that we have. In good cycles, working with our Human Luck helps to propel us forward. In challenging cycles, it is Human Luck - our positive attitude, honour, virtue, charity, etc – that will get us through. 

With Four Pillars of Destiny and Feng Shui, you can influence two major aspects of your life: your Heaven Luck and Earth Luck. If you also take responsibility for your life and maximise your Human Luck, then you can influence all areas of your life.