Corporate services

Our corporate services include Feng Shui assessments for 

  • Property developments: residential, commercial, mixed use complexes and communities
  • Commercial refurbishments and building restructure
  • Commercial fitouts
  • Projects requiring Chinese cultural sensitivities assessment, including comment on artwork


Residential and Small Business services

Standard consultation - existing building

Make the most of an existing place, whether you have been there for years or are just moving in. If you feel that your space could be improved, or are not sure whether to stay, move, renovate, expand or sell, then a consultation can help you to make the right improvements and informed decisions. More

Building or renovation consultation

Would you like help with your design and layout or advice on colours, furniture arrangement and outdoor areas? While it’s best to seek Feng Shui advice at the start of a project, we can provide input and help at any stage of your project. More

Pre-sale consultation

Boost your property’s potential to sell. This consultation incorporates Anjela’s 20+ years of experience in buying and selling properties with Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Geomancy to improve your property’s appeal and chances of selling. More

Pre-purchase/lease assessment

How do you know if a place will be good for you, your family or your business? We can help you to choose a place that will help support your financial, health and relationship goals. More

Other Services

We also offer other services not listed here, including date selection, site selection, annual update consultations and Chinese astrology/life readings using Four Pillars of Destiny. To discuss your specific needs, please contact us.