Building or renovation consultation

Building or renovating can be a long process. We are with you from the time you engage us until after the project is completed. While it is best to seek Feng Shui advice at the start, we can provide input and help at any stage of your project. 

Residential and Small Business

We can help you to design a home that is practical, suits your lifestyle and feels good. 

We can help you to design a workplace that supports both the business and the people. 

After we discuss with you your goals for the project and how you want to use your space, we go onsite to assess the site and surrounding areas using Classical Feng Shui methods. 

We then work together with you and your architect on plan designs to achieve the best internal layout to tap into positive energies and reduce negative ones. This includes:

  • Appropriate placement of rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens in homes and managers and sales staff in businesses  
  • Proposed furniture placement so you know where to put electrical points, TV aerials, etc
  • Recommendations to support finances and prosperity
  • Recommendations to support better family or working relationships
  • Advice on colours, materials, lighting, fixtures and fittings to enhance good energies
  • Advice for any outdoor areas, including basic landscaping suggestions
  • Geomancy to balance the earth energies disturbed during the works
  • Space Clearing to clear energies deposited by workers while onsite
  • Auspicious dates for moving in
  • Life readings for two people using Four Pillars of Destiny method

Our rate is $180 plus GST per hour. Please contact us to discuss your project.