Standard consultation

Feng Shui is only one set of energies that can influence your life. 

Other energies that can affect you include: 

  1. Earth energices radiating from within the earth and its atmosphere
  2. Stagnant energies left by people both alive and passed over
  3. Energies from the building and its surroundings
  4. Man-made energies such as electromagnetic fields
  5. Energies relating to your personal ‘destiny’ 

These energies can affect your health, emotions, relationships, finances and general quality of life. 

These energies are addressed in our standard consultation.

Residential and Small Business

Create a comfortable, harmonious and inviting home for you to unwind and nurture yourself and your family. 

Boost the success of your business by tapping into the energies that support prosperity, staff relations and productivity.

Our standard consultation includes:

  • A Feng Shui assessment of the site and surroundings using Classical methods, including Landform, Eight Mansions and Flying Stars
  • Advice on the best use of space, colours, materials and furniture arrangement
  • Advice for supporting finances and career, including advice for a home office if relevant
  • Recommendations to support better family or working relationships at the site
  • Advice for your outdoor areas, including basic landscaping suggestions
  • Space Clearing to clear entities, lost souls and stagnant energies imprinted over time
  • A Geomancy method to balance the earth energies so they don’t affect your health
  • Checking electromagnetic fields and other factors that can affect health and productivity
  • Life readings for two people using Four Pillars of Destiny 

Our rate is $180 plus GST per hour onsite. An average single level home or business takes about 3 to 4 hours onsite; add an additional hour onsite for two storey or larger premises. The time it takes onsite depends on how much you want to discuss things; we like to ensure any questions and concerns you have are satisfactorily addressed. Before coming onsite, we complete 2 to 3 hours of preparation, for which you are not charged. 

Please contact us for further details.